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Positive Investigation
Private intelligence & investigations

About Us

Having achieved formal identity in 1998, Positive Investigation Ltd’s business field has been defined as; research, counseling and security.

Positive Investigation conducts investigation services according to the clauses in the main articles of association; “Research, information gathering and intelligence in the direction of the clients.”

Positive Investigation continues its investigation services both in and out of the country since the day it has begun its services, with many qualified retired soldier and policeman who have an understanding of discretion and secrecy conditions.

Our Services
  • Investigation services about premarital individual research.
  • Spouse tracking, evidence and proof gathering.
  • Gathering legal evidence on divorce and custody lawsuits.
  • Domestic individual research.
  • Individuals who are hard to find for foreclosure suits.
  • Fraud cases detective work.
  • Finding missing individuals.
  • Address locating and confirmation.
  • Detecting and confirming property of individuals.
  • Thievery researches.
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